Edited by John R. Hopper (GEUS), Thomas Funck (GEUS), Martyn Stoker (BGS), Uni Árting (Jarðfeingi), Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic (NGU), Hans Doornenbal (TNO), and Carmen Gaina (CEED)

The NAG-TEC Atlas provides a comprehensive review of geological and geophysical information over the north-east Atlantic region.

The Atlas was produced as part of the NAG-TEC project, a collaborative effort by the British Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, the Geological Survey of Norway, Iceland GeoSurvey, and Jarðfeingi, the Faroe Islands, along with a number of academic partners and significant support from industry. The main focus was to investigate the tectonic evolution of the region with a particular emphasis on basin evolution along conjugate margins.

The Tectonostratigraphic Atlas of the Northeast Atlantic Region is one of the key outcomes and provides the foundation upon which ongoing research and exploration of the area can build.

The Atlas can be purchased for 1500 DKK (~ €200) using the online order form.

For project participants and company sponsers, the old website and login has been archived at data.geus.dk/nagtec/login.

The Geological Society London Special Publication volume is now published.  The volume can purchased from the GSL Bookstore: https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/SP447